Truck Beds

High Quality Custom Truck Beds

Construction crews like to utilize every part of their truck bed for their tools, ladders, and other equipment; but it can be difficult to find a truck bed that is designed exactly how you want for your crew and industry. And when your aluminum truck bed needs to be repaired, it can be difficult to find someone to repair it quickly and effectively.

In addition, there are many factory options available for truck beds, but often there are two problems with these. First, they are not always high-quality truck beds that properly withstand normal construction use; and the result is rust, deterioration, and broken parts.  Second, most truck beds are mass-produced in a factory and cannot be customized for what you want.

At Gap View Machine, we understand your frustration with inferior truck beds that cannot be customized or need quick repairs.  That is why we create and repair high-quality custom aluminum truck beds in Lancaster, PA.

You no longer need to settle for an inferior aluminum truck bed, or for factory stock that doesn’t completely satisfy what you and your crew want from your truck bed.  Contact us today to see how Gap View Machine can create your ideal aluminum truck bed or repair the one you have!  We will discuss the style you want, the features you can utilize, and then we will create your custom truck bed.

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